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    Indian Work Permit


    The key benefit of an Indian employment visa is that it permits a foreign national to live and work in India.

    Unlike an Indian business visa which permits a range of business activities but excludes the right to undertake employment, a successful work permit application offers the right to begin living and working in India upon arrival.

    In addition, unlike short-term India visa services such as a tourist visa, Indian work permits can be extended in increments of one year as required.

    In India, work permit applications can be submitted through one of two routes.

        The applicant may apply to the Indian Embassy or High Commission in his or her country of residence, or as is more often the case,
        An Indian company offering a position of employment can begin the application process in India on behalf of the candidate. Like a UK work permit application, this employer led route is the usual route to obtaining an Indian work permit.

    In cases where a firm offer of employment from an Indian company is in place, applications will need to be supported by a range of documentation including a completed application form and a current valid passport with recent passport photographs.

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