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View Diary: Journalist destroys Greenwald's credibility on NSA "revelations" (823 comments)

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  •  This diary is not for the GG fans (6+ / 0-)

    Before even posting this diary, I knew there would be a flood of ad hom and HR's from the usual cast of Greenwald supporters.  

    This diary is for those genuinely interested in a complete picture of the current state of affairs regarding our surveillance systems -- the concerns, the major issues, but ALSO the safeguards, protections, and successes.

    Until reading Cesca, I had no idea there were ANY technological barriers at all designed to prevent illegal searches.    We can argue about the strength of those barriers, but it would have been nice for Greenwald and his fans to at least mention them instead of suggesting there were none, wouldn't it?

    Likewise, when he tried to give examples of the system being abused, it would have been nice for him to admit that his examples are all outdated and/or irrelevant, wouldn't it?

    The GG fans can scream, laugh, and post insults until they're blue in the face for all I care.  It is highly amusing to watch their hypocrisy and impotent fury, I admit.

    •  I'm no GG fan, bit I can't help wondering about (6+ / 0-)

      people who spread out a lot of fertilizer, and then expect roses to just pop out by them selves.

      Politifact, the lie of the year is. - Yoda

      by gakke on Tue Jul 30, 2013 at 01:26:45 PM PDT

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      •  Pure distraction value, gakke. (2+ / 0-)
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        Words In Action, CenPhx

        And distraction is the name of this sleight of mind.

        Sometimes I think the defenders [of all things Obama] might really be staunch authoritarians who genuinely love Stasi-Like Powers. But on other subjects too many of 'em are reasonable and satisfactorily liberal for that to be true across the board.

        Though no doubt there are some number of newbs here just to defend NSA's honor as well, who probably care not at all about anything Obama (or even Democratic, in the political sense). S'okay with me that watchers might want to concurrently become talkers.

        We should consider the true underlying concern of the Obama loyalists, especially in light of Jimmy Carter's Der Spiegel interview, where he said out loud that the United States does not have a functioning democracy at present. They're terrified of the 'I' word. And it's been bandied about some lately. The close vote on defunding really has 'em in a panic, hence the double-down on distraction.

        This description of the current Kossack skirmishes works for me, anyway. I haven't tossed an HR in months.

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