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View Diary: Hope from Hotspots: Models for Global and Local Climate Change Adaptation (28 comments)

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    When we had the chance seven years ago to choose our home location, there were many factors but one was a fuzzily defined resiliency, not just re climate but with respect to many risks which could all be summarized as the potential loss of cohesion of that huge stuff-moving system we all depend on.

    Recently a friend was talking one day about climate refugees, and it made me wonder what is the threshold to be a refugee -  People who are influenced by concerns about the future?  People who lose their jobs and so had to move because it stopped raining?  Do you have to lose your possessions to be a refugee?

    One morbidly interesting thing to observe in coming years with be the type and extent of climate-influenced migrations all along the spectrum from forward-looking movers all the way to people fleeing disasters.

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      James Wells

      on many levels. the refugee camps in Darfur for example are examples of climate refugees as the wars were actually caused by changes in weather patterns....then we have the Kenya's Dadaab ....

      i was thinking about the people in the Maldives and their pets and animals .... and in Bangladesh, a prime example of a place where so many have already been displaced. look at thisong>this, it is heartbreaking

      We have refugees from Sandy and from Katrina and from the drought in the Southwest.

      And closer to home for me, my daughter has been living in Denver where it is almost unbearable, the heat and the extreme cold. There is no normal there anymore. The rocky mountains have been devastated by Pine Beatles ..

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