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  •  Non Human personhood: Not a new idea (3+ / 0-)
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    Troubadour, Jason Hackman, SoCaliana

    It's just that governments are generally slow on the uptake.

    Dr Thomas White may be the inventor of the term "Non-human person" and wrote a book about it:

    Check out the Declaration of cetacean rights from 2010.

    My conclusion (re orcas) from this diary:.

    This prompts us to try to understand orcas for who they really are, instead of trying to stuff them into a human-defined box, where they must have qualities like us humans in order to be accorded any respect. It doesn’t matter whether they are like us or not. If they have culture, it’s their own culture. If they have language, it’s their own language. And their indisputable intelligence is: orca intelligence.

    This broader understanding, of us and our kin in the animal kingdom, could help us commit to providing long-term habitat for the life that we share the planet with. Maybe, just maybe, it would help us do real work to preserve our overall climate and environment for all of us living beings.

    Absent the bright white line, it’s not a simple or easy path of inquiry. There will be grey areas, ethical dilemmas, and places where good people can disagree. But if we claim for ourselves the name of sapiens, meaning ‘wise,’ then perhaps we can earn that label by showing we are up to the task.

    •  Definitely not a new idea. (1+ / 0-)
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      James Wells

      It goes back to ancient animist mysticism and, later, to ancient Indian philosophies before coming into the realm of science in the past few decades.

      I don't know a lot about orcas, although they are more predatory and cruel than dolphins.  They're kind of like wolves, although perhaps smarter.

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