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  •  It's not all Obama's fault (0+ / 0-)

    Yes, Obama is not what he was in 2007, but focusing on how you might believe he's a sellout (he's not) is what helped give the Tea Baggers control of the House in 2010.  Yes, the GOP was organized.  Yes, Democrats tend to ignore mid-term elections.  But, it was as much the fault of those Democrats who did NOT vote in that election that handed the house (as well as many state governments) over to the Tea Party.  THEY SHOWED UP...WE DIDN'T  We were either too lazy or too obsessed with the idea of showing Obama how frustrated we were that he wasn't the hard core progressive so many thought he would be.  In 2014, we cannot let that happen again. Yes, you may be pissed off than Obama hasn't been everything you want him to be. But, you must vote, and make sure that everybody you know votes and does what it takes to vote.   If you don't exercise the single most important right of any citizen and the Tea Party wins even more seats, the only person to blame is  yourself!

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