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View Diary: The Senate votes, and the National Labor Relations Board will function again (31 comments)

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    Joel in Duluth: my points were two-fold -- organized labor is practically dead on the vine b/c it grew too dependent on legal solutions like the NLRA, which created the NLRB, and secondly, that "the law" hasn't helped labor, in fact, it has defanged it by taking the fight out of the streets and into the courtroom, arbitration hearing room, etc., which means labor fights its battles on capital's turf. While nothing is ever black and white, and therefore, there have of course been some benefits to labor by having legal sanction to what it does, (i.e., no more Sherman Anti-Trust Act prosecutions, the "right to exist," etc.), in the long run, the legal solutions have not benefited labor. Labor needs to embrace the organizing model used by its ancestors, go back to the street and stop looking to the NLRB for answers. That doesn't mean Labor should not utilize the NLRB from time to time for strategic purposes beneficial to a larger goal or struggle, but it has got to stop looking to such venues as the be-all-end-all. For Dems or unionists to be ecstatic over getting something as minimal as FINALLY getting a few moderate appointments approved to the virtually ineffectual NLRB is not only NOT cause for ecstasy but in fact, a sign of just how pathetic and down and out the so-called ModDemLeft/Business Union lobby has become in this country.

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