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View Diary: Last Decade's Policies Cost America $14 Trillion (7 comments)

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  •  Why? If you were following along (1+ / 0-)
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    you're quite aware that the Dems were enthusiastic co-conspirators in all the shit that went down in the '00's  . .. .

    •  Ah. The twists of language. (0+ / 0-)

      Appropriately substituting "some dems" should have been your correct response. One shouldn't allude that those 12 Dem. Senators, all from what now are red districts, were representative of all Dems.. Especially when 32 Dems voted against it.  So to say Dems were enthusiastic co-conspirators back then, would be equal of the lie today, of saying the Republicans were enthusiastic co-conspirators of raising taxes in the Budget Deal ending last session.....

      Not exactly true.

      •  Huh, a Prominent Dem (John Edwards) (0+ / 0-)

        enthusiastically sponsored either and/or the GWOT and/or the Iraq Debacle (I'll be happy to look up the precise details if they matter to you).

        The bigger point is that  in the past 5 years the GOP has demonstrated that it is TOTALLY possible to obstruct the administration/majority's objectives.

        So why the fuck didn't the Dems block idiocy such as the GWOT and the GWB2 tax cuts / billionaire handouts?

        The only answer really has to be that they were on board with all this shit.  Because if they weren't, they * could * have stopped it.

    •  Without question (0+ / 0-)

      some Dems adopted the GOP platform, but, and this is the important distinction: the ideas that have bankrupted this country didn't originate on the left of the aisle. The authoritarian and "free market" programs the GOP stood up, every four years. to espouse (and in the cases of the true believers, actively promoted) garnered votes and won elections, so of course, the Dems, being political animals, migrated in that direction. If thises ideas are seen to result in electoral punishment (permanent minority status) these political animals will migrate away from them.

      Am I unhappy that certain Democrats I voted for didn't have the courage of their convictions? Yes. But, one must understand the persons who succeed in politics and not expect them to be more than they are (although some do rise above their natures).


      •  By your (radarlady's) second comment.... (1+ / 0-)
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        I was able to grasp the implications of what you meant by "permanent minority status".   Historically the Republicans were in that category from 1932 to 2000, until they won Florida by just a few votes, and were then able to dismantle the previous sturcture from within..  Likewise the Democrats had been there from 1860- 1932...  so there really does seem to be something real about what you speak of and call:  permanent minority status.  

        I disagree whether or not a party will migrate from its views, even if it can't win elections where its views currently are.   That didn't happen in either of the cases above.  But I will concede it did happen with slavery, with desegregation, and civil rights.  But it hasn't yet happened with women's rights.  Go figure.

        It appears that people tend to hold on to their beliefs and find a party that gives those beliefs support, even if they have no chance of ever winning national office.  I would offer the die-hard Libertarians as proof of that example.  

        The swing voters are where the balance of power will always lie.  Among them is where the battle must always be....

        Right now, in that battle, the left is winning and gaining strength.  The current dilemma is that the right, understanding the writing on the wall is defiantly defensive, in an effort to stall for time, hoping for a new finding or a miracle to ride in and bolster their chances....  

        Ha, ha... that analogy just reminded me of the constant plot line on the old Andy Griffith series Matlock.  They are trying to "Matlock" us.

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