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View Diary: If 80% of us are in or near poverty than THERE IS NO MIDDLE CLASS. (83 comments)

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  •  The time may come when Republicans (0+ / 0-)

    regret their support for the Second Amendment, because they are creating more and more potentially desperate poor people, and their security guards may not always be able to protect them from a desperately poor person who has managed to buy (or borrow or steal) a gun.

    I hope and pray we will be able to avoid poor people using the Second Amendment solution to their poverty, but the very same political lobby who oppose gun control also oppose relief for the working poor.

    The problem with American politics is that, because we are accustomed to the golden age of workers' protection that began with the New Deal, and have not noticed its gradual erosion as planned by the money manipulators at the top of the pyramid.  We are reluctant to admit that we have been victims of lobbyist-aided THEFT, because we have a fantasy the "someday" we will be wealthy and will then want to protect our gains, whether ill-gotten or honest, from being "confiscated" to give it to people in OUR CURRENT position.

    As one of the regular posters here has on his/her signature, the average working American is not poor, only a "temporarily embarrassed millionaire."  While that is a great motivational attitude to get one to work hard on a career, it cannot come true for everyone, only for a small minority (just as every contestant in a tournament can be the champion).  The other contestants in our economic "tournament" (or "lottery") still deserve to live in basic human decency.

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