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View Diary: Gov. Chris Christie/Sen. Rand Paul feud could make Christie president (308 comments)

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    We all know that Chris Christie is a conservative Republican and nobody here wants to see him become President. However Christie is not an extremist conservative like Rand Paul, Scott Walker or Paul Ryan. So this leads me to a crazy idea. Let’s say Christie were to win the republican nomination by “divide and conquer” of the tea-bag gang and then in turn wins the general election. Maybe, just maybe, Christie will draw right-leaning moderate voters back to the GOP who will then slowly put the squeeze the super-conservative nut job voters (who are dying off anyway) thus allowing any ”normal” Republicans in congress to control party, moving it to the center. With a more centrist GOP, the Democratic party could then move to the left, hopefully with the help of legal immigrants from Latin America, becoming far more progressive giving disenfranchised liberal voters (like us) candidates we might actually want to vote for. Imagine undoing the damage done by the “Reagan Revolution” in 1980 and Bill Clinton’s “Third Way” that moved the Democratic Party too close to the center in 1992.

    I don’t want a Republican in 2016, but if we get one I hope its President Christie because he just may shake things up so much that we get a party realignment. After all it would be nice if the two major parties actually reflected the political views of the voters.

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