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  •  I like the diary, but this (0+ / 0-)
    Having insurance companies preside over healthcare is neoliberal.
    ain't true.  

    Sorry, but our healthcare system is much more complex than that, and the ACA is much more complex than simply another "market based solution".  We have a form of single payer (Medicare/Medicaid) we have direct government run health care (military and VA) and we have private insurance.  

    The ACA may have some neo-lib elements, as Richard and I discussed below, but it is heavily regulated, has governmental influence in the form of subsidies and taxes, and expands governmental presence in a way unseen in the health care arena in decades.  Hardly neo-lib.  

    You can argue that the government run health exchanges are the creation of a new market, hence neo-lib, but the fact that they are govt run and not private sector only says much, no?  

    No doubt the 3rd way Dems followed a neo-lib path.  As for Obama, I hold to the position that his presidency, all told has not gone the same way (see the first comment I made in this thread.  

    But, what I have said was hardly misleading.  What I had hoped was that this diary would be  step towards putting a leash on the pejorative use of "neoliberal" as it has been used at DK, where it often gets thrown around indiscriminately without its true context, like fascism, feudalism and the versions with "neo" labels applied.  

    To be free and just depends on us. Victor Hugo.

    by dizzydean on Fri Aug 02, 2013 at 02:21:25 PM PDT

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    •  Obama's presidency (1+ / 0-)
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      has overwhelmingly been third way.  This is what the criticisms of him here have been all about.  There are all sorts of degrees where neoliberalism is concerned, but going with insurance companies is nonetheless a market based solution and therefore neoliberal.  The regulations that Obama instituted over insurance companies are welcome, but there are nonetheless structural features of market based solutions that generate all sorts of problems.  I actually wrote the diary not to lend support to Obama, but to give the Obama apologists a bit of context so they might understand the entirely justified criticisms of Obama coming from the left.

      •  It is also impossible to make a general (1+ / 0-)
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        characterization of the policy of his administration without looking at both international and domestic policy. The trade treaties are explicitly anti-regulation and very supportive of turning the MNCs loose to roam the world.

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