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    Frank Whitaker

    I think she would be great. What is especially interesting, is that if memory serves me wasn't Elizabeth Warren supposed to be the unelectable option? If I remember correctly were not the party mandarins wring their hands in angst over her nomination and concerned that she could not possibly win.

    Then what happened?

    She won.

    She is a good example, the Democrats have constantly had to go with the electable over someone who, might oh, stand for something. How well has that worked?

    People are much smarter then pro's give them credit for. Let us face it when we put up the options of fascists and fascist light, you might as well go with the real thing.

    An interest note of conclusion yesterday a friend of mine's wife had a party. She was celebrating becoming a US citizen. I congratulated her and told her only half jokingly that  now she has the God give right to go into the voting booth, look at the  ballot and say aw shit.

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