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View Diary: Your Brain, and the Pharma Industry's Brains On Drugs (33 comments)

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  •  I'm awake! (0+ / 0-)

    I'm sorry but I think this is the first writing of yours I have seen. So don't give up on anyone. You never know exactly who you reach, or how they hear you on the internets.

    My decade+ of personal experience matches closely what you describe. Early on it was not so blatant, but around the time as the Medicare Part D fiasco prescriptions really blew up.

    The approach by even the General Practitioners was alarming. It's not health care any more. It's Dr.'s waiting for patients to ask them about what they've seen on tv lately. Too sad? Can't pee? Can't not pee? Can't get it up? Etc.. All wrapped up in a gigantic one-way billing machine.

    I cry watching the ACA money getting pissed away on inept private contractors. And fraudulent billing on Medicare statements. It's not going well.

    Dismantling the corruption that Bush allowed was the change I was hoping for. hmph.

    I looked up ketamine. Mmm, dissociative anesthesia. I agree that would probably help a lot of people. The ones who see and feel all of what is happening, and can't shut it off. The frogs that feel the boiling, so to speak.

    Thank you for this diary.

    •  about ketamine + depression (0+ / 0-)

      like many drugs, the effects of ketamine are dose dependent. It has been used safely for 50 years as an operating room anesthetic. It has been used safely for over 10 years to treat the pain illness CRPS. Consider these as "moderate dosages". It has been abused over the past 15 years or so as a club drug, at very high dosages. And it has been proven to relieve depression in very low dosages. To understand the differences I'm talking about - the abuse amount of drug is 3x the depression amount, snorted in one second compared to delivered over one hour resulting in a dosage rate for abuse that is 5,400 times greater that the dosage rate for depression. Guess what, most things will kill you if you take them at 5,400 times the recommended dosage rate. Drink 3 gallons of water in 3 hours and it will kill you.

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