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  •  The Thing is, DBR . . . (2+ / 0-)
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    serendipityisabitch, DeathByRise

    . . . that trying to shed a "bad reputation" through superficial changes (such as your User Name) doesn't work. Your choices, good or bad, are what they are. I was once 20 years old, and I learned this the hard way: The path to growth does not include calling choices "unintentional mistakes" (although you wouldn't know it from listening to politicians). I'm not talking now about the opinions you expressed in your original appearance, but your refusal to accept the cautions and advice of the people who responded to you.

    I really do sympathize with you. When I wrote my first diary, I deeply offended quite a few people. The fact that I was unaware of community standards was no excuse, because I had not bothered to get to know the community I wanted to join. I just wanted to tell everybody what I thought.

    By creating a new user account after being banned you are choosing to ignore the standards of the community you want to join. Do you not recognize the contradiction? If you are not banned again, I hope you'll follow the advice that I was given: Don't write; read. Take the time to get to know the community and its people. Observe. Listen.

    Whatever happens, please take to heart the support and encouragement that so many posters in this thread have given you. Each of our choices, good or bad, offers a chance for growth and change, if we are willing to accept it.

    Best wishes in your work on dealing with depression and anger. That is a choice you'll never regret.

    One cat away from crazy.

    by IamGumby on Sun Aug 04, 2013 at 07:41:14 PM PDT

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