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  •  My Aunt is "Lady Elaine" (1+ / 0-)
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    Villanova Rhodes

    My Aunt Elaine worked for Mr. Rogers his entire time at QED.   All of my cousins used to be on there as extras. He named one of his characters after her "Lady Elaine"!!

    My Aunt's son was killed in an accident back in the '80's and we went to the funeral home.  Mr. Rogers was there.  It was surreal.  I remember saying "Hello Mr. Rogers" and he said hello and then "Have you met Mrs. Rogers?"

    In all these years, everytime I think of him I think of Mr. AND Mrs. Rogers!  It was very endearing how he made sure he introduced his WIFE to everyone!

    •  My mom lived across the street from the real (1+ / 0-)
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      Mr. McFeely (Fred's grandfather) and knew "Freddie" as a child a little bit from when he came to visit. He was a 1%er of the day -- McFeely Brick Company was a big deal -- arrived in a limo and dressed in a little suit. My mom and her six siblings felt a bit sorry for him, but said that both he and Mr. McFeely were really nice to the decidedly not 1%ers across the street.

      Many years later he gave the best commencement speech I've ever heard. A remarkable man.

    •  SERIOUSLY????? (0+ / 0-)

      I adored Lady Elaine Fairchild!!!!!  She was such an anarchist!

      •  Another thing about my Aunt Elaine... (0+ / 0-)

        I have always loved my Aunt Elaine.  I will never forget being home one night a very long time ago, watching MOONLIGHTING on tv for goodness sake, when I hear "Yoohoo" on my front porch.  It was about 9:00ish and I was home alone and was wondering who the heck was there.  As I greeted her with a hug and kiss, she told me she happened to be in the neighborhood and needed a place to hang out for about an hour.  Can she stay with me for a bit?  As she sat down and we began talking, she then informed me that she volunteered with AIDS patients and that the man's lover had come home from work and she wanted to give them some privacy and then she was heading back over to stay the night to be with him.  I remember talking with her and the entire time wondering if she had "caught" it and now that I hugged and kissed her, did I have it too??

        This was right when AIDS was discovered and everyone was incredibly fearful since there was very little known at the time.  I remember even taking a very long shower after she left because I was AFRAID that she might have "given" it to me.

        I am ashamed of myself now (I was probably about 22 at the time) for my behavior.  Funny, I haven't even thought about that for years.  Yet my wonderful Aunt Elaine knew better than all.  She STILL volunteers with HIV/AIDS charities.  She is quite a remarkable woman!!

        Sorry this is so long.  I wanted to let the world know how wonderful she is!

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