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View Diary: 2 More Women Internally Probed On Public Road By Texas Troopers (Video) Trigger Warning (294 comments)

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  •  I don't think they realize... (0+ / 0-)

    ...what great personal danger they've placed themselves in, there are people who want to kill them whose only involvement is seeing the videos and being consumed with rage...  There really are people who have skills at finding people they're angry with, and there is certainly a tipping point that will push such people to act.

    Some responses might be to cause the individuals to suffer the indignity of having every source of electronic media they possess being overwhelmed with unending hate messages and death threats, but some responses might be so extreme as to require physical protection measures.  

    They could wind up having to disappear like a person in a witness protection program!

    Gosh, what a shame.  People can be SO cruel....

    "Ronald Reagan is DEAD! His policies live on but we're doing something about THAT!"

    by leftykook on Mon Aug 05, 2013 at 08:03:29 AM PDT

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