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View Diary: 2 More Women Internally Probed On Public Road By Texas Troopers (Video) Trigger Warning (294 comments)

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    The women in this video should not have consented to searches, either of their persons or of their vehicle.  They should have asked if they were being detained or if they were free to leave.  They should have refused to answer any questions without a lawyer present - especially when the cop started to press about marijuana.  For that matter, they should have locked the car with the windows up when they exited the vehicle.  They handled this situation poorly - but most people do not know how to deal with police effectively.  Most people are unaware that they have legal rights during encounters with police.

    I did not watch the unedited, 1-hour version, but to me it looks like the women did nothing to indicate they did not consent to any searches.  Unfortunately, that means that those searches were most likely legal (which is not to say they should have happened), although the manner in which they were conducted (not changing gloves as required) appears to be a violation of the law.

    Everyone needs to visit Flex Your Rights to learn how to deal with police.  From the looks of things, female Texas drivers/passengers especially need this information.

    What happened to these women is deplorable - but there was no need for it to happen.  A little knowledge about your rights, and being ready and willing to flex them, really can go a long way.

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