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  •  We can't find anything in Germany because of (0+ / 0-)

    our lack of being able to read and understand German.

    Yeah, we get that there's the possibility of being related to a Royal house.... but, my opinion is that Willhelm Anhalt was dogging something for a while.  We do know that he returned to Germany about 10/15 years after coming to the US and then back to the US after a short time (but long enough for him and his wife to have another child).  This Anhalt was my grandfather's paternal grandfather and my grandfather's sister claimed that Von was a part of the name prior to coming to the US.  Until I see 'proof', I'll take the claim to royalty with a grain of salt.

    •  Claims to royalty (0+ / 0-)

      Everyone wants to be royal, of course, but most people's ancestors were farmers or ordinary workers. Your name, however, will turn heads in Germany. You are one of the few who shouldn't take claims to royalty with a grain of salt. Because it's royalty, or at least may be, you may be able to find stuff about that name based on a history of that royal family rather than just the immigration records at Ellis Island that the rest of us rely upon. You may be able to sort of merge the known info about the von Anhalt royal family with what you know about your family on this side of the Atlantic. Google is your friend and there's English info on Wikipedia about Anhalt the place and the family. Good luck.

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