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View Diary: Meet the 48 Democrats Too Conservative for Their Districts (37 comments)

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    We're going to show more of these scores/methodology when we release the full site, but with regards to those two:

    Dan Lipinski: Votes ~68.7% progressive and we'd expect ~81% in a D+5. That's a progressive value of -12.3. So he's our 16th most deserving of a primary. That's pretty conservative -- but he's also in a D+5, which has other D+5 Dems like Jim Cooper (TN-5) who we'd also expect about ~81% from, but he's only voting ~65.5%. So, generally, he's pretty conservative -- just not as conservative as some of the others in similar districts.

    Bill Enyart actually was included until we tweaked the score for our EVEN districts to give them a bit more slack before stating that they needed a primary -- since the risk for them is so much greater. So we now expect a ~66.3% progressive voting record from an even Democrat, and he's currently voting around a 67.8%.

    Illinois certainly has got a lot of Dems that can be voting a lot better without sacrificing their safety. And Cheri Bustos actually started out as our 10/10! So we follow her closely. But in the past couple of months, she's been voting [just a little bit] better, while Henry Cuellar has gotten worse-and-worse.

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      I think of Lipinski's district being more Democratic than it was last time. It's the sort of place that would elect a socialist as long as he's Catholic and moderate on social issues.

      People noticed Bustos' vote for the Keystone pipeline and remember that the party cleared the primary field by pushing out two progressive Democrats who were both better known in the district.

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