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View Diary: Reed, Blumenthal propose to stop tax subsidies of 'performance-based' pay for corporate execs (46 comments)

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  •  It's not the teahadists he's worrying about (7+ / 0-)

    The morans who put on funny hats and shout racist slogans aren't the ones who would get all upset about this.  Most 'baggers are low-paid workers or small business types, like miners or tobacco farmers.  They probably think $1M is plenty and think that higher pay is a liberul plot.

    No, it's "the base", as Bush II called them in Fahrenheit 911, that would be upset, the filthies who actually pay the party's bills. Those Citizens United-based secret donations are what keep the machine going, and they want their high income with full tax breaks.

    The Banana Republican party is bimodal.  The votes come from essentially peasants who are fooled by religious leaders into voting against their own economic interests (they'll get their "pie in the sky" when they die).  The money and real power come from the .01%.

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