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  •  Lately Will Spews White Supremacist Themes (2+ / 0-)
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    Eric Nelson, WB Reeves

    .....pretty much all the time these days.  Does he even write this stuff any more?

    But yeah, "parasites?"  You can probably guess who used to say that in the most intensely racist passages of Mien Kampf.  Warning - racism ahead:

    quarters is not connected with his intention, but is the simple logic of his being thrown out from time to time by the host nation he abuses. But his spreading is the typical symptom of all parasites; he always looks for a new feeding  soil for his race.

    t But this has nothing to do with nomadism for the reason
    that the Jew does not think of leaving a territory he occupies, but he remains where he is sitting, and that means so 'sedentary' that he may be expelled only with force and with great difficulty. His spreading to ever new countries takes place only in the moment when certain conditions for  his existence are apparent there; without that he would  (like the nomad) change his previous residence. He is and  remains the typical parasite, a sponger who, like a harmful bacillus, spreads out more and more if only a favorable medium invites 'him to do so. But the effect of his existence resembles also that of parasites; where he appears the host people die out sooner or later.

    Thus the Jew lived at all times in the States of other
    peoples and there he formed his own State, which, though disguised by the name of 'religious community/ generally sailed as long as external circumstances did not see fit to make a complete revelation of its nature. But once he be- lieved himself strong enough to be able to dispense with the protecting cover, then he always dropped the veil and suddenly he was what so many others were unwilling to see and to believe in before : the Jew.

    In the Jew's life as a parasite in the body of other nations and States, his characteristic is established which once caused Schopenhauer to pronounce the sentence, already mentioned, that the Jew is the 'great master of lying. Life urges the Jew towards the lie, that is, to a perpetual lie, just as it forces the inhabitants of northern countries to wear warm clothes.-* His life within other peoples can only exist in the long

    run if he succeeds in creating the impression as though he
    were not a people but only a 'religious community,' though a special one. But with this the first great lie starts.

    In order to lead his existence as a peoples parasite he is forced to deny his inner nature. Now the more intelligent

    Men are so necessarily mad that not to be mad would amount to another form of madness -Pascal

    by bernardpliers on Mon Aug 05, 2013 at 11:03:29 PM PDT

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