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View Diary: Priebus admits Republicans can't handle presidential primary debates (139 comments)

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    That's exactly what Obama-Care is. Even some of the Democraps want to have nothing to do with it. Which that really shouldn't surprise anyone. Because when this HUGE BOOK (and that's what it is) was prepared by Obama, Nana Pelosi, Reid & just a few others; they all emerged from the room and Nana P was asked what was in it. She just smiled & said; You will just have to read it. And so far even the Democrats aren't able to make heads or tails of some of it.

    But you can bet if the Dems are wanting themselves & their families EXEMPT from parts of it then it's NOT such a wonderful thing after all. Which the majority of the people already know that. Just those Obamites that are willing to jump off a bridge if their president asks are the only ones that don't even question. They are like; "If Obama said it's good; then it's gotta be good".

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