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    The 2016 presidential election is a mere speck on the political horizon, yet Governor Rick Perry, in pre-campaign mode, is already regaling the electorate with examples of his stupidity. Mistakes such as confusing Florida with Louisiana don't help to elevate his public image as an ignoramus. How could he make such a geographical faux pas in the first place? I mean, all he has to do is remember that Florida is the state shaped like a handgun. Certainly, even a moron like he should be able to employ a simple word association trick to recall the Florida/gun thingy!

    If Perry plans to remain in the presidential race for the long haul, the late-night TV talk show hosts will have a field day milking his comedy stylings for all they're worth. This guy doesn't even have to TRY to be funny. He just IS funny! In fact, joke writers should send him royalty checks for the comic fodder he's sure to provide. (Could he possibly have early onset Alzheimer's?)

    There are three reasons why I can't stand Rick Perry: (1) He's far too dense to even consider a run for the presidency, which is an insult to the voters' intelligence; (2) Perry has that Texan gun nut philosophy regarding Second Amendment rights; and (3) Duh... I can't remember what the third thing is. Er... Um... Can somebody give me some help here? Does anyone else remember what that third one was?

    Perry's dumbassery has become the stuff of legend. (Is "dumbassery" even a word? If not, it SHOULD be in Webster's Dictionary, with Perry's picture beside it!) Wearing horn-rimmed eyeglasses in an attempt to  project a more serious, thoughtful and intelligent public persona is an exercise in futility that is sure to be an abject failure. In fact, it's akin to the proverbial "putting lipstick on a pig" comparison! The only reason he opens his mouth is to change feet. When Rick Perry speaks, hilarity ensues.

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