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    I'm a big fan of Obamacare. It's saved me a ton of money already, way over $50,000, since my wife, previously uninsurable privately because of preexisting conditions, was able to get coverage via the Pre-existing Conditions Insurance Plan (or whatever it's called, PCIP).

    She was in the hospital a couple times, and there's always a huge amount in medicine. After the deductible, the coverage was damned good.

    So my little complaint a little later in this comment, even as I write this, sounds minor, I guess.

    It's this: The state coverage transitioned to federal coverage at mid-year 2013, with a transition to the exchanges starting in October. But the PCIP federal coverage will apply to her through 2013.

    In the first half of the year, we met the state deductible, fulfilled it. That meant we were on the gravy train for the year. But with the federal transition for the last half of 2013, the deductible starts over, because it's considered a different plan, not just the same plan under different management.

    I appreciate Obamacare so much. It has literally been a lifesaver for her, and if that's possibly overstating it, since she would've gotten care, it's kept us from years of debt.

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