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View Diary: Florida Gov. Rick Scott renews voter purge now that Voting Rights Act is no longer in the way (21 comments)

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    2012 was a basic example of human nature that just didn't seem to make any impression on Republicans. When you try to take something away from someone, whatever they may possibly lose becomes newly valuable to them. Threaten a previously unlikely voter's right to vote and they will go out of their way to show up at the polls.  These lazy voters will be inspired to patiently wait in line for hour after hour to cast those votes that ironically become the decisive difference in a close election. That being the case the VRA still has some teeth left and there is enough time to challenge Big Rick in the Federal Courts and make a fool of him again. Their last attempt at the purging of the rolls was laughably incompetent and not only created a voter backlash, but a damning pile of admissible evidence. I don't expect things to go much better for them with this latest attempt.

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