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View Diary: Florida Gov. Rick Scott renews voter purge now that Voting Rights Act is no longer in the way (21 comments)

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  •   I have a different take on the purging of voters (1+ / 0-)
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    that the Skelator and his harpies have in mind. Making it more difficult for voters to vote and purging all of the latino sounding names is of course illegal as hell, but even if they get away with it, they will mostly hurt themselves.

    In 2012 just as many older Republican voters were disenfranchised  as Democratic voters - maybe more. Why, because absentee voting was very effective. EXCEPT IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD TO RE-REGISTER since your last vote. And believe me, many seniors who would have voted for Romney DIDN'T KNOW THEIR ABSENTEE BALLOT  WOULD NOT ARRIVE AS USUAL. So, they waited for their ballots which didn't come and then they had to try to find a way to use their walkers to get them to the polls because most of them are too old to drive.

    It's just my own personal theory and I have no numbers to back me up, but my experience with Seniors in my precinct informs my opinion.

    •  When it happens to a Republican Senior Citizen (2+ / 0-)
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      rubyr, a2nite

      It pisses them off. It further alienates them from their own party and the Republican officials they always vote for. They give up. When it happens to a Democrat, they are outraged and get off their couch and go vote. Its a double whammy.

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