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View Diary: The Downing Street Minutes may be old news (228 comments)

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  •  Dead soldiers is old news too? (3.75)
     Is that why they barely cover their deaths on TV? How many solders have died so far this month? How many hours of coverage has <insert this current generic  missing white girl> gotten? How many have hours of coverage have all those soldiers dead for a lie gotten?

    I think the only way we'll get this stupid war covered by the media with the dedication it deserves is to start sending pretty white girls from suburbia to Iraq, maybe one of them will go missing... and maybe we can get them to bring copies of the Downing Street Memo and all the various documentation of torture and abuse in the prison camps with them and they'll start covering that stuff too.

    Some ancient Greek said that in a democracy the people get the government they deserve, maybe another fucked up war based on lies that no one cares about but "everyone supports" is what we deserve? Or maybe the corporate media isn't democratic...

    •  dead soldiers (none)
      and our king reminds us of how brave our soldiers are for his freedom on the march mantra, yet we live in a bubble, we do not see the coffins, we do not hear the names, we exist in nation that is ripping antoehr nation to shreds and if you dare turn your tv on, you will hear the disgrace they mask so well as they read from the teleprompters about things we as a nation use to laugh, cry, talk about, and now we look at those same people, the Oj's the Micheal Jacksons, the run away bride and we say to ourselves we did not change, they changed..    
    •  If the Democrats (none)
      were in the White House, you'd see plenty of pictures of dead and maimed soldiers.  Plenty.

      The biggest change in the American political landscape over the last 20 years has been the transformation of the news media from "news reporting" to "entertainment news."

      The "fair and balanced" concept has totally undermined the direction of all the media.  News media has become just another cog in the viewer sweepstakes ratings.  Which replaces news reporters with news personalities.

      Couple entertainment news with the fact that the news personalities make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and are thus more frequently aligned financially with the Republican Party, and the reasons for the MSM parroting the Republican memes becomes all too apparent.

      The deeper question is what to do about entertainment news.  On that, someone far wiser than me will have to give guidance.  Because I sure don't know.

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