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View Diary: The Downing Street Minutes may be old news (228 comments)

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  •  A Press Coverup - Joe Conason (4.00)
    A Press Coverup
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    Joe Conason, Salon, 6/17/05

    I found it on: - Not sure if anyone has read it yet.


    To judge by their responses, the leading lights of the Washington press corps are more embarrassed than the White House is by the revelations in the Downing Street memo -- which quite suddenly is becoming as "famous" as NBC's Tim Russert suggested weeks ago, when most of his colleagues and everyone at his network were still ignoring the document.

    Mooing in plaintive chorus, the Beltway herd insists that the July 23, 2002, memo wasn't news -- which would be true if the absence of news were defined only by their refusal to report it.

    {. . .}

    As striking as the bizarre redefinition of news now underway among the Washington press corps is its strange deficit of memory. Everyone did not know in the summer and fall of 2002 that Bush had reached a firm decision to wage war -- not even if "everyone" really refers only to the readers of the Times and the Post.

    {. . .}

    . . . Instead of pretending that we all knew what we know now, the Washington press corps should stop spinning excuses, stop redefining what constitutes news and start doing its job.

    Conason hits this one out of the park. I couldn't decide which excellent parts of the article to post.

    This is NOT "OLD NEWS".

    •  He's right. (4.00)
      My take on the lapse in the MSM covering stories like the DSM is--they're in CYA mode.  They didn't ask the hard questions of this administration and challenge their lies in the first place.  The stories were all there to be thoroughly investigated, as we here know all to well.  But they couldn't be bothered.  Or whatever their excuse is.  "So who cares?", they say now.  "It doesn't matter.", they say now.  They've been kowtowing and catering to BushCo for years, hoping that the crap that flies out won't hit them.  And now it has.  To cover this story in-depth and be highly critical of BushCo., in a way, they'd have to admit complicity with BushCo.  The MSM helped this war happen.  But rather than do that, the action of the day is CYA.  My belief is that most of the members of the MSM aren't journalists.  They may have gone to "journalism school", but they didn't learn anything.  Most of them are opportunists, looking for a way up a ladder, rather than serving the "Fourth Estate".            

      What's so funny 'bout Peace, Love and Understanding? - Elvis Costello

      by trinityX127 on Sat Jun 18, 2005 at 12:36:51 AM PDT

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