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View Diary: Liz Cheney already running afoul of Wyoming laws. Yep, she's a Cheney. (73 comments)

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  •  Fishing licenses are a big deal... (6+ / 0-)

    in this part of the country. Montana, Wyoming, Idaho. It's a badge of belonging. So readers may think 'so what?' but access to rivers, streams and land to fish is part of what makes people want to live and to say in the west.

    And if you lie to get one, that says something about your integrity.

    •  Wyoming's fishing license costs $24 for residents (4+ / 0-)

      and $92 for non-residents. You'd think she could afford the difference. Even a commercial hatchery license in WY costs a mere $182!

      By contrast, if you live in San Diego, the CA resident license is $45.93 plus a $5.14 "Ocean Enhancement Stamp" for the privilege of fishing in SoCal, plus a $14.04 "Second Rod Validation" if you want to use 2 rods. So a resident pays $65.11 down here -- and then there are all the other "report cards" you have to buy for particular species. Non-residents pay $123.38 for the basic license. Commercial licenses and boat registrations with all the different species permits add up to a fistful of hundred dollar bills.

      But considering that there is a lot more to fish for here than just hatchery trout, I suppose it's a bargain...

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