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  •  but they (rights) will always be (0+ / 0-)

    subject to power.

    or whoever is in power.   that is the nature of power.  and the old saying, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." rings true because history bears it out.

    this country was founded on ideals, some were ignored, some were written down, some were changed later.  those ideals are still in flux.  our government is still in flux.   government is fundamentally an organization with some stuff written down and a lot that isn't.


    until we learn to organize as a collective, we'll spin out faster than the corruption can settle into law.


    we learn to communicate.  we collaborate on ideas and actions and set about spreading the word and making them happen. that's not happening here in as great a numbers as possible in what could arguably be called the greatest tool 'organizing' could have ever envisioned.

    instead, we dish about "junk."   god, that was old several years ago.  i come here every day looking for more than 5 good actions.  

    it's the "Vision Thing."  where it is here, on this blog?  
    that is my challenge.

    so, that's my point today.  for me,  it was worth making. if it pisses people off, so be it.   my intent is to make a small noise in the general direction of communication, inclusion, community and action.   this is only one tool i use to that end.

    "From single strands of light we build our webs." ~kj

    by kj in missouri on Tue Aug 06, 2013 at 03:43:11 PM PDT

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