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View Diary: Liberal Racism? Charlie Rangel was Wrong to Call the Tea Party a Bunch of "White Crackers" (228 comments)

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  •  White privilege is normal (0+ / 0-)

    it is something that should be experienced by everyone.

    It is NOT normal to be stopped and frisked.  It is NOT normal to be driven from high school to jail.  It is NOT normal to be followed around stores.

    None of that is normal.

    Although I was born in the States I was raised overseas, and so what goes on in the States abhors me.  Some white behavior abhors me.  The fact that I cannot hang out with black people because of what their friends will say abhors me.  The fact I cannot drive through a black neighborhood because obviously I am only there to by drugs in NOT normal.  The fact I had a real estate lady told me she got an offer on my property but she won't accept it or else she'd never work in my neighborhood again is NOT normal.  The fact that when a check was stolen from my company and the bank cashed against their policies, that they came in and started to interview the black employees first is NOT normal (and I told them).

    The fact that I moved from a wonderfully accepting Jamaican neighborhood in London to a black neighborhood in NY where I was followed home every night being called Snow White because of how people had been treated by others is NOT normal.

    I would have some advice for you Chauncey.  Travel some.  Go far and wide and see how black people live around the world.

    It will show you what normal is, and that privilege is not a privilege, it is basic human dignity.

    I'm afraid you'll probably come back to this country even more pissed than you are now.  But knowledge often isn't pretty.

    But no one should have to put up with the shit that black people have to deal with in this country.

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