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View Diary: Obama cancels Moscow summit with Putin, citing Snowden (178 comments)

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  •  Now this really pisses me off (3+ / 0-)
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    1. The meeting between the U.S. and Russia is still taking place- only with diplomats other than the President.

    2. As Obama stated on Jay Leno last night, he is not only concerned with Snowden, but is concerned with the way Russia is handling their  gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

    3. Sometimes even Presidents must make point. He is still attending the summit and will probably speak with Putin there.

    4.But the whole vacation thing is a right wing talking point- a bat shit crazy talking point. Like the President doesn't deserve to go on vacation?

    When people blog crazy talking points, when those on a site devoted to electing Democrats, criticism about taking my ball and going home is hardly constructive.

    Tell me why it would be better for Obama to meet with Putin.

    Otherwise, a great deal of these comments are merely anti America and Obama.

    No one thinks everyone has to like every policy, but to infer that a President, I don't care who, is consciously doing something out of childishness is ridiculous.

    Why must every news story about everything Obama says or does now resort to belittling him, inferring he is weak and knows not what he is doing.

    Oh yeah, and because of vacation.

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