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View Diary: Jobs program reduces crime, university study shockingly concludes (22 comments)

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  •  Kevin Drum has been publicizing some.... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...very interesting work implicating environmental lead levels in criminality.
    Seems the radical.increases in crime, followed by the steep drop-offs, over the last 6 decades or so overlap very nicely with the increases and decreases (by environmental lead abatement programs, de-leading of homes, and the introduction of unleaded gasoline) in lead levels.
    Since lead-reduction efforts differed markedly in time by localities, it's easier than it often is to tease out the impacts of lead from other confounding factors.  The parallels are amazingly consistent.
    You can find his series at Mother Jones; here's one starting-point:

    Obviously, there are other factors:  education, the economy, policing strategies and budgets, etc, each of which will.contribute to the levels and nature of crime as well.

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