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View Diary: New front for GOP in Obamacare: War on Churches (97 comments)

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  •  Perhaps your church (0+ / 0-)

    gives back to the community, but I live in megachurch Texas. These folks don't give a penny to anyone who isn't a part of their club. They spend their money on multi-million-dollar buildings with million-dollar sound systems while taking a huge bite out of our property tax base. Since property taxes in Texas are among the highest in the country, this is a huge deal.

    I'll gladly help pay for all the good things you mentioned and more. I want higher taxes on us all to help pay for the care of the poor -- not to count on the generosity of religious or charitable institutions or people to help them. Daddy Bush's "Thousand Points of Light" campaign is seen by most as a wonderful volunteerism campaign. I don't want to diminish  volunteers -- I am one. But you're kidding yourself if you don't think a big part of the appeal to GOOPers is that it's an argument against gummit intervention and that the "underclass" should be grateful for whatever they get from churches and/or volunteers.

    I have lived in Texas for more than fifty years, and was raised and a part of one of the largest church groups in the state (Church of Christ) for more than thirty (even though I was alway rather agnostic). Since the mid-1990s though, I have walked away from religion and my conservative roots in part because I could not continue to be involved with the inherent selfishness of the churches in this area.

    Yes, I am an liberal atheist democratic socialist from West Texas. There ain't many of us, but we do exist. :)

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