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View Diary: Racists Go Wild Outside Obama Speech in Arizona (309 comments)

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  •  And this is exactly my point (5+ / 0-)

    Any democratic president would have the hounds from the right trying to obstruct him in favor of their own agenda.  But with this president, it has been ramped up times 100.  Anything he does, anything he says - even when it is the exact right thing to do is criticized and demonized.

    Even his wife was hounded and criticized for trying to push a completely voluntary, non political program for keeping kids fit.  What the hell could possibly be wrong with that?

    Obama has been swimming against people with Obama Derangement Syndrome at every turn.  He couldn't even look Mittens in the eye and call him a liar during the debate, so he could avoid being the "angry black man".  He actually has to address those idiot birthers...I mean really how ludicrous is it to believe that Obama is not a citizen?

    The Obama haters make everything racial with him.  Some say it outright by calling him a muslim, or foreigner.  Others blow the dog whistle with all sorts of other "reasons".  For the past nearly 8 years those dog whistles have been blowing non stop.

    It is against this back drop that so many liberal expected Obama to work miracles.  

    That's right, Barack the "magic negro" should waltz right in his first term and with a wave of his hand there would be jobs for everyone, the mortgage crisis over, peace in the middle east, universal healthcare, and rainbows and puppies oh my!  

    I recall right here on KOS all the failure talk from certain people when their "magic negro" didn't deliver.  This is real life here, not The Legend of Bagger Vance.

    This is what I mean by the negative negro curve.  Obama's is not given credit or a pass for the additional hardships he has to endure to perform.  No.  He he is perceived negatively because  he has not performed miracles against a tide of hate and obstructions.  Some people really want their "magic negro" damnit!

    In my eyes Obama has actually done better than I expected.  There are things I would have liked him to do differently.  But I think those are just differences of opinion.  I wonder what he could have accomplished if all the haters could have been banished to the 3rd ring of Saturn during his presidency.  It's a shame really, lost opportunity for a truly great president.  

    But I am really proud that he withstood it all and he did not break.  

    •  Part of the problem (1+ / 0-)
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      was that during the first two years of his administration, Nancy Pelosi actually was the Democratic leader who had any balls.  Obama and Harry Reid hoped the Republicans would play nice in the sandbox through compromise rather than pushing key job-creation legislation, among other bills.  Republicans jumped on their perceived weakness and, with some help from the right-wing nut jobs (aka the "Tea Party"), were able to win House control in 2010.

      If that doesn't prove the need to vote in every election (state/local in 2012, midterms in 2013), nothing will.

    •  When you put it like that... (1+ / 0-)
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      I agree with you 100%.  And the fact is, he said many times during both the '08 and '12 campaigns that the changes we need to make would not happen overnight, and would likely take more than two terms to put into place.  And sure enough, the haters have dogged his tail every step of the way.  They haven't even been ingenuous enough to be covert about it - Mitch "The Giant Turtle of Anger" McConnell said right out that their goal was to make Obama a one-term president (fortunately, they failed miserably because enough of us saw through this and dared to stand against it).  And even now, Little Teddy Cruz and his asshole buddies are going on about how their plan is to oppose anything Obama wants to do.

      Sometimes, I wish he'd just get his ghetto on and say "Aw HELL NO, muthafuckas!  It's on now!  It's on!" and challenge them to a bare-knuckles brawl right on the Senate floor.  He's just so damned stoic and reserved - although I do have to give credit where credit is due for that.  He simply refuses to sink to their level.

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