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View Diary: Racists Go Wild Outside Obama Speech in Arizona (309 comments)

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  •  "I Just Don't Like His Policies" (0+ / 0-)

    On Yahoo News and townhall dot com (two forums that attract Obama-haters) I have seen Obama called: Halfrican-American, O'Mammy, O'Purple Lips, Buckwheat, House Ni66er, Step'n'Fetchit, and every such racial caricature. The First Lady has been called: Bigfoot, The Gorilla, Moochelle, MooCow, and Aunt Jemima. Jokes are passed that the Rose Garden will be used as a watermelon patch and agony is spun that the Obama children's grandmother's presence in the White proves that any number of family hangers-on will be sponging off taxpayers. The paternity of Obama's children is questioned. Soon after the President was elected, a post offered that "He is just a happy-go-lucky boy who wants to have a good time flying around on Air Force One while white people really run the country".  Obama is described as "a ghetto thug who sells drugs out of the oval office". Then there's this one: "This [trouble] started in 2009 when O'Dumbo became the Prez. He is the head uppity NI66ER  in the US. The Affirmative Action in our govmint is killing this country (townhall, stuart 45, 7-22-2013)". Meanwhile the posters loudly protest being called racist, saying, "I just don't like his policies". I end with this: "Kinda look like de house nigra be believin' he runnin' de plantation what wid all dose fineries an such! (townhall, HusseinOvertakesCahta!, 8-26-11)".

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