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View Diary: Rush Limbaugh Claims 3 Day Slutzkrieg on Sandra Fluke was an Accident (93 comments)

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    Be a man, and own up to what you said, Rush. Don't pretend what you did was harmless, though. You unleashed a horrific, misogynist tirade on a YOUNG COLLEGE STUDENT, who, when google searched, the word slut will come up. I am sure that will be helpful to her, especially given the way employers are these days. What was her crime, what did she do to deserve this? She participated in the legislative process, and protested that voices like hers weren't being considered on an issue that directly effects them.

    Nobody is defending Filner, either, you asshole. I was just down in Tijuana last weekend, and watching San Diego local news, everyone seems to just be at their wits end trying to figure out how to get rid of the guy. It's not so easy to force some people out of office (see David Vitter). San Diego has already refused to cover the costs of his legal defense (or they're going to try), and as far as I can tell, there is pretty much consensus among both Democrats and Republicans that Filner needs to go away.

    Just like Anthony Weiner, we Democrats are often willing to hold our leaders to a higher standard than the Republicans.

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