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View Diary: (Update) "I Hereby Resign the Office of President of the United States" (178 comments)

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  •  We set up a telescope in the back yard for that. (6+ / 0-)

    My oldest brother was into space and making rockets.  I can still see in my mind it blinking across the horizon.  

    The networks covered his departure with breaking into programing.  Every time Walter C or Huntley/Brinkley would break in with a breaking story on Nixon, I would come running to the living room to watch.  This went on for weeks that summer as everything fell apart for him.  As a country we were worn out with the mess and happy to see him go.  Then Jerry Ford let us down with his pardon.  It was probably the right thing to do but I was a young idealist at the time and it up set me.

    I loved Herblock cartoons.  He was syndicated and that was the first thing always looked for in the afternoon paper that was delivered on my porch.  I would always look for him on the editorial page as I picked up the paper.

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