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  •  I was a grad student in 1974 (9+ / 0-)

    I went to the New School; my girlfriend (I was still in the closet then) went to Johns Hopkins and I was visiting her in Baltimore when Nixon resigned. I think there was some sort of clubhouse for graduate students of all sorts and, if memory serves me, that's where I was when the speech took place. Suffice to say there were very few tears shed in that room other than tears of joy.

    He was not a stupid man. Under other circumstances he might have left a fairly decent legacy, but thanks to his utter contempt for law decency he is as we remember him now. The videos really do show a more human side of him; one can almost feel a bit sorry for him. In his shoes it might have occurred to me that I'd been victim of my own hubris. I doubt he ever felt that way.

    Nixon was one of the slimiest politicians ever to disgrace the Oval Office. And yet strangely enough many of his domestic policy initiatives were far to the left of anything today's Republican party would few as even remotely acceptable. In the scheme of things the 1960's and the 1970's really aren't that far in the past, yet it sometimes feels as though the events that took place in that era happened millions of years ago.

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