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    I'm not a scientist. Although I'm reasonably intelligent, I have different superpowers--so I might be completely wrong. But several years ago, I started thinking that maybe we should be looking at woven solutions to our energy and material needs in the midst of climate change.

    By "woven" solutions, I mean first of all somewhat  localized. That at least in some places, it makes sense to downscale--remember the New York blackout a few years back? Or the commercial hiccup in transportation after 9/11? Those suggested to me that localization can mitigate some of the problems with scaling up. It also encourages energy source diversity: solar in Florida and Texas, wind in Kansas and Colorado, and so forth--instead of demanding solutions that work everywhere and are intended to benefit downstream users. Maybe that makes sense.

    Woven means encouraging front yard gardens. Encouraging people to become self-sufficient where and how they can. Victory gardens. Encouraging a culture shift and an economic stance that says more is not necessarily better and thrift stores--getting more use out of things that we do need instead of the throwaway culture that is prevalent. Thinking about the long-term, broad costs and benefits of frugality.

    It means adding bycicles, or walking, or Smart vehicles or similar things that say it's okay to tailor my transportation to my actual needs. Workplace innovations that make it easier to produce from home if you have a desk job.

    Improvements in technology (such as the ammonia/hydrogen/what have you solutions) can help us continue consuming at a high, comfortable pace, but maybe that's not all we can do, or all we want to do.

    My 2 cents; YMMV (pun intended)

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