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  •  It can't be fixed. Which is why "liberalism" (4+ / 0-)
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    isn't the answer.

    I used to be a liberal and grew up in a liberal household. But it finally dawned on me that while I was good at defining the problem, like most liberals, recognizing the inequality created by our system, recognizing its costs, I still pushed for "solutions" that kept that system in place -- thinking it could be "reformed."

    It can't be. The system itself is what creates the monstrosity.

    It's a little like this:

    We know cigarettes cause death and destruction. Capitalism is like cigarettes. Many on the right love it regardless, so their "answer" is to get rid of the filter and just smoke the real thing, without filters.

    Liberals, OTOH, think they can mitigate for the downside, so they say go ahead and smoke, but we're going to put on some really great filters and you won't get so sick.

    But that doesn't work. The cigarette itself is far too strong for filters. The cigarette itself is the problem.

    Those of us to the left of liberal, the anti-capitalist left, know that the cigarette itself must be destroyed, filter or no filter.

    •  Unfortunately, there are too few of us (0+ / 0-)

      who have reached that epiphany.

    •  Yes, there is no mitigating the downside... (0+ / 0-)

      because of the way Capitalism works. There is never an end to it. I hate to pimp this diary all the time, but it is a great explanation as to why Capitalism is insatiable and will never bring about what we want.

      •  Whatithink, that's a good diary. (0+ / 0-)

        A lot of food for thought, and I'm in agreement with much of it. But I think the diarist leaves out the likelihood that those at the top are, in fact, greedy. That greed is a major factor in what they do.

        It's not an either/or choice. It's not either they're greedy or it's the structure of capitalism. In my opinion, capitalism encourages greed, and the greedy. It's like a call to arms for them. It's like this humungous neon sign that tells greedy people that we have the perfect vehicle, right here, right now, for your greed.

        Again, very few of us, as a percentage, go into business ownership to begin with. Just 7 million businesses have employees in America. And an even smaller subset seeks to make a killing from business. Most of us are content with making a living, not a killing. Capitalism makes the latter possible to a greater extent than any previous system. It basically legalizes and institutionalizes international inequality, and comes with this ginormous propaganda machine that says this is all great for everyone . . . and virtuous.

        No previous economic system has ever had this level of PR. And no previous system ever needed so much PR.

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