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  •  People work hard without owning the (2+ / 0-)
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    lucid, Tonedevil

    company they work for.

    The vast majority of people are employees, not employers. In fact, there are roughly 7 million business owners with employees in America -- compared with some 130 million workers.

    If your premise were true, then 130 million people wouldn't have any incentive at all to go to work, put in a solid day's work, and try to "better themselves."

    We have never, ever needed private ownership of the means of production. It's never been necessary. Owners tell us it is, because they want to continue to have the chance to exploit workers for their own, personal gain. They want to keep up the indoctrination that says without private ownership of the means of production, nothing would get done.

    Again, given the fact that the vast majority of working adults DON'T own the company they work for, we know that's nonsense.

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