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  •  Anarchism is what hasn't been tried, and was (0+ / 0-)

    brutally suppressed by the Communists in Spain, as if fighting Franco and fascism wasn't enough.  
    I didn't say no alternative could work, just that so far they didn't, and capitalism came out looking pretty good from say 1933-1980, but has now become as bad as anything.  Fox News and the state-controlled media in North Korea look pretty similar to me.
    Though it doesn't address ownership of basic raw materials, the anarcho-syndicalist idea that a factory might best be run by its workers under their joint control seems pretty common-sense and basic.  Except in revolutionary Catalunya it's hardly ever been tried.  
    And if that could work, maybe mines controlled by the miners, farms controlled by farm workers...

    •  Maybe 1947-1973. (1+ / 0-)
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      The entire world was still in the state of depression for most of the 30s. But I get your point.

      That said, that brief period was basically it for capitalism. Before and since, we had/have various forms of robber baron economics.

      I definitely am in favor of worker-owned businesses, but as a precursor to full public ownership. If we can never get to the latter -- my ideal -- then the former is far preferable to the current regime.

      And by "public ownership" I don't mean by political parties, or even "governments." I mean in the real sense that the citizens of this country would own all means of production, together. By right. By constitutional right.

      No political party could usurp that.

      My dream society would be one without political parties, in fact. They would be banned. No ruling class or any class, for that matter. We'd have full, direct democracy, with local, regional and national reps chosen via lottery. No elections. You do your time as a rep then go back home. Kinda like a military commitment, but it's pure civics. Everyone rotates in, with exemptions made for reasons of health, etc. etc.

      All products must be approved by local councils with full local votes, using local, regional and national guidelines (and the new constitution) for safety, health, environmental impact, etc. Same thing for wages and prices, and we'd have no money or profit.

      Will do a diary on this soon.

      •  Yes, reps chosen by lottery, it's the only (0+ / 0-)

        equitable solution.  Like my grand jury, randomly chosen, all ethnic groups, surprisingly total agreement because people are really not all that stupid and self-serving when given the chance.  I look forward to your diary.

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