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    "The IPAB is prohibited from making any recommendations that would result in health care rationing . . ."

    Because one thing we NEED is a little rationing, of frivolous, futile, duplicative, redundant, and inefficient "care".  Far too many of our most vulnerable are subjected to endless interventions with little or no chance of success, done mainly to enrich the health-care providers.  This is not care; it is exploitation.  Unnecessary medical intervention inevitably carries risks, even when it's merely the risk of picking up additional airborne infections caused by coming into a waiting room full of sick people for an unnecessary appointment for an unnecessary checkup or non-invasive test.  As long as we provide medicine under a for-profit model, the incentives will remain for providers to pad their receipts by demanding more treatment than patients actually need.  And since most patients will be either too sick or too intimidated to second-guess their providers, SOMEBODY has to do it for them.

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