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View Diary: Walker forced to back off from arresting observers of Solidarity Sing Along (89 comments)

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    I believe PeterHug is correct here.
    Though I will note that individual officers have some discretion in how they apply their orders.

    In addition, theoretically, 18 USC § 242 (deprivation of rights under color of law) might be applicable with respect to certain of the arrests, but I think U.S. Department of Justice prosecution under this statute is unlikely under these circumstances.

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      I'll also note - though there are a couple problematic officers, most have acted professionally, and some are genuinely very decent and nice (and appear unhappy to be under these orders). When a minister who was participating in the sing along collapsed with angina, one of the officers did everything he could to help and comfort him, holding his hand until he was loaded into an ambulence. They're all individuals - ranging from hardass jerk to sweet.

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