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View Diary: How do we let low-information voters know that Coburn-Paul tenther bill is a disaster? (15 comments)

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  •  How is this law being 'framed' by Coburn, Paul etc (1+ / 0-)
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    What language, memes, (verbal) images are being used by the Sponsors (and co-sponsors) on their websites and in their newsletters to their constituents?  How is it being reported by the 'respectable' press and at Politico, PBS?  And how is it being framed at Tea Party and Libertarian sites?  Learning the framing (which has most certainly been polished by the GOP's highly-skilled message-marketers) will provide an understanding of how the message needs to be countered.

    I'm guessing that the framing will contain a 'no taxes without Constitutional authority' message along with a 'the Constitution doesn't authorize taxing by Congress' message.  And that the messaging will omit reference to the portions of the constitution that will be nullified by this bill.

    (And bear in mind that in many states, a severely distorted version of the Constitution is being taught in schools -- someone did a diary series on that here, some years back.  And who knows what's being taught in Charter Schools and home-schooling.)

    Another important part of the framing will be the language used to vilify the current state of affairs as well as anyone who objects to the bill.

    Here's a suggestion for an action step, Christian Dem in NC.  Go back to your list of co-sponsors and locate this information on their websites, finding links.  Then make an action diary recruiting people to research their Senator (or others) and report the messaging used back to you.  A compilation of the messaging can serve as a basis for combating the bill.

    •  From the looks of it (1+ / 0-)
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      they seem to be harping on the strict limits the bill places on the use of the Commerce Clause.  Both Coburn and Paul put out press releases that particularly stressed the limits it places on that section.

      You may be on to something, CroneWit ... looks like we can spin this as a blatant attack on working people.

      •  It is a blatant attack on the Constitution (0+ / 0-)

        and on the original Enumerated powers granted to Congress to pass legislation necessary to the governance of this country.   That makes it (imo) an attack on all of The People, as well as on our system of government.

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