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  •  Yeah..... (2+ / 0-)
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    rubyr, oceanview

    But what about in a few decades, assuming new technologies don't take hold because of oil and gas companies' lobbying, and the environment is totally FUBAR? That extract-CO2-from-seawater-for-energy idea would be a big boon, but if its implementation is too far off....

    •  This is a tricky balance- (3+ / 0-)
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      Alice in Florida, rubyr, cocinero

      taking the dire warnings about the planet seriously without feeling helpless and hopeless is a bit like growing up with Mutual Assured Destruction and learning to enjoy life in spite of it. There have never been any real guarantees about the crapshoot that is life. "Eve of Destruction" was written nearly 50 years ago, and somehow we're still here.

      I like to think that a real technological breakthrough is possible, maybe sooner than we think. You're right that it takes political will to make that happen, so I also like to think that the same universal instinct for survival that ended the cold war will kick in with climate change. I hope the climate denialists love their children too. And if you're too young to get the reference:

    •  A lot of good news doesnt make (0+ / 0-)

       it onto the Main Stream Press.   For instance, the other day I was visiting my sisters house and she pointed out to me a city run senior housing center.  An abandoned house next door had been demolished and a large geothermal heating unit installed in its place.   Geothermal in upstate New York!   Remarkable, imho.

      •  Well DUH. (0+ / 0-)

        An overabundance of good news doesn't sell.

        And funny how a supposedly 'liberal' media constantly tries to sell fear and hopelessness. Aren't us bedwetting liberals supposed to be a touchy-feely Disney Princessy bunch?

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