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    is, so this is probably another case of "think global, act local".  b.t.w., "7 sisters" is a 1960's/'70s term for the several biggest oil companies at the time, a parallel to the "7 sisters" ivy league universities in the u.s. where so many of the oil companies' top management & boardmembers got their education.  

    those companies had considerable global reach, not only in the u.s.    Shell Oil Co was formally in the 1970's and for decades previously atually "Royal Dutch Shell" and a modest couple of paragraphs in the Wall Street Journal (which i had to read for my job at the time) the month of the first big fake "gasoline shortage" (approx 1972) when americans were lining up at gas stations to top off their tanks 3x/week, said royal dutch shell posted 700% profits, standard 500+%, and the others ranging from 200% on up.  

    Artificial shortages of cancer drugs is the profiteer monster at the moment, and several other industries have been creating artificial shortages to great profit ever since that first petrochem foray worked so well for them.   it worked/works because Americans starting with BabyBoomers have become distanced enough from the generations and skills of making good thru' hard times that we're easily intimidated and unnerved by the idea merely of our desired supply of toys and pleasures decreased let alone true necessities, we are somewhat addicted to the former, and our rage at merely the thought of being deprived of them is easily manipulated by the advertising industry.  many americans fear that diversity in our energy generation will make private cars too hard to find fuel for - they may not personally recall the artificial shortages of the 1970s that started this fear but there have been enough ever since, together with rising prices, that we hold tighter to our most treasured freedom (cars).

    how much that's also true of the rest of the "advanced" world i'm not sure, 'tho given that petrol has always cost more in virtually all the rest of the world, private automobiles less prevalent, and other energy needs more dominant in the public mind (cooking fuel, heating fuel, electricity for home & industry, etc), i would guess they are accordingly less manipulable.

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      mettle fatigue

      You have said here is either true or has much truth to it. My point though was even the oil companies can't control innovation around the globe. Something the poster I was responding to was inferring.
      My point about not maxing out was really stating the point the rest of the world IS attempting to wean us of fossil fuel reliance, but are just not there yet. Its more technical limitations involved than patent attorney involved. Thats what I really was saying.

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