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  •  "I Am So Sorry" (10+ / 0-)

    Here's the full trailer for the third season of Showtime's "Homeland."

    At the end of last season, a United States Congressman (Damian Lewis), and Marine war hero, was revealed to the world to have been a mole for al-Qaeda and the circumstances implicated him in the destruction of CIA headquarters at Langley. Whether he did or didn't do it was left an open question, and it seems this season starts with the aftermath & consequences.

    From the A.V. Club:

    While our first look at the new season of Homeland left us completely in the dark, surrounded only by the CB chatter of Brody looking for a big ol’ Muslim convoy, this full trailer finally allows us to see the not-at-all-smiling faces of the characters we’ve come to love and be constantly frustrated by. As you might expect, last season’s terrorist attack has had some serious ramifications: There’s a Senate investigation that seems to be causing Carrie to cry and Saul to sigh even more frequently than usual. Brody’s abandoned family still can’t get through a decent meal. Dana is still going through her awkward, experimental teenage phase of taking topless selfies and giving Islam a whirl. And Brody has been forced to adopt a Bruce Willis-in-8 Mile guise as he desperately searches for a way out. It’s all haunting, melancholy stuff when set to The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Build A Home.”

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