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  •  Was going to get (4+ / 0-)

    Up to check the meteors but slept straight through. Tonight I will do better.

    On this mornings swim here in St.Croix we had one of each turtle. A small female hawksbill, a medium sized female green, and a very large male loggerhead. He was on the sandy bottom resting at about 40' down. When I stopped to hover over him he noticed me and shot straight up to investigate. It helps if you remain very calm. I try to take the shape of a turtle to try and entice them to come in close. They will swim around you and move in slowly. He came within inches of my mask and let me touch his shell. Then he came back around we stared into each others eyes. When he would lift his head out of the water for a breath of air I would too. He did that more than is typical and stayed around for a very long time. Definitely a special morning.

    Right now it is a balmy 88 but feels cooler because the winds are about 17k.

    If peace is to prevail we all have to become foes of violence.

    by spacejam on Sun Aug 11, 2013 at 09:36:28 AM PDT

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