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    If I were to plan a campaign, I would not even bother with listeners of right wing talk radio. They are not going to be convinced anyway by any thing. Most elections are razon thin -- and the base of each party is secure; I would focus on that percent of undecided voters who I believe could be moved by facts...IF we are able to present them with the right message and the right medium. That would be my target audience; and I also believe it can make a difference. Again after 45 years in the ad agency business (as an owner), this is more of a marketing issue than a political one, at least in today's era of sound bites and media dispersal.

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      create a national buzz louder and faster than 1200 coordinated radio stations? and it's basically free for the GOP/ALEC.

      it continues to be a major mistake of dems to ignore talk radio like that.

      in your biz word of mouth is important right?

      RW radio dominates most parts of the country and is so loud it's not just the regular idiot listeners, it's their friends and drinking buddies and families and coworkers they pass their crap onto - the secondary effect on people out there who are not interested in or don't have time for politics until it's time to vote. that's the only reason the GOP even stays close in elections that should be no-brainers.

      the karl roves took lee atwater national and have created an alternate reality, and the only way to break that is to break the monopoly and discredit their gods with real time challenge - knowing what they're yelling to who and how often and responding to it, and getting US universities out of RW radio. and protests at those stations when they lie about our issues and attack our candidates.

      RW radio is so pervasive it can create 'conventional wisdom' that i even see repeated at DK. with so many close elections allowing them this advantage is the main reason, bar none, why we're in this disaster.


      i understand transcription software is now available that can transcribe without a lot of training. before next election someone (the dem party for one) needs to use it to monitor the top 100 local and national RW talkers. when those talking points and memes and patterns and frequency of repetition can be monitored and responded to then an effort to present a unified progressive message will be a lot easier.

      that talk radio/GOP/tea party base and that secondary effect can be reduced by challenging the liars in real time.

      i am trying to interest the dem party or others in doing this. do you have any suggestions?

      for example, if dems had been alerted to the frequency of the use of the tragedy in benghazi they could have responded in ways and in time that could have reduced the time wasted on that crap. it will still be used on hillary clinton. all over talk radio fannie may and freddie mac were getting the blame (poor people) for the bush wall street disaster. it worked because it wasn't responded to and it was pumped out of 1200 radio stations. ALEC sold a lot of voter suppression with a decade of attacks on ACORN (voter fraud fraud) that the left was unaware of until okeefe ended it with a video hit. these are common patterns repeated for decades. it might have been fixed a while back if the left had responded to limbaugh's attacks on anita hill the way they responded to the attacks on sandra fluke- and we wouldn't have gotten clarence thomas.

      with the transcript evidence to take to the media it will be a lot harder for the networks and the david gregorys to keep indulging the loons. a lot of the crap the media and the politicians use is only acceptable because it's already been pounded into the earholes of 50 mil a week. dems reguarly need to answer "that's what limbaugh said".

      media and politicians need to be made aware we know when they're repeating talk radio bullshit. and the pollsters need to  categorize talk radio listeners in some of their polls.

      This is a list of 76 universities for Rush Limbaugh that endorse global warming denial, racism, sexism, and GOP lies by broadcasting sports on over 170 Limbaugh radio stations.

      by certainot on Sun Aug 11, 2013 at 12:09:16 PM PDT

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